When You’re Stuck in a Rut (again)

I was going back and forth trying to decide what I wanted to write my first blog post about. I needed to make sure it was the right topic for a first post, because it would ideally set the perfect tone for my blog. It was right then that I realized this was the exact unhelpful line of thinking that led me to the reason I decided to make a blog in the first place.

In the past couple of weeks, for reasons that I am sure I will go into in future blog posts, I have found myself in a very familiar down swing in my not-always-so-stable mental and emotional life. My habitual method to dealing with these lows is to wallow around in them, and essentially let them spiral until things become absolutely unmanageable, historically ending in the need for professional intervention. HOWEVER, over the past thirteen months and counting, I have been working every day to address and challenge my deep-rooted – and often unhelpful- thought patterns and behaviors. Hooray! I am doing the thing! This blog is me doing the thing!

So as I said, I was finding myself in this familiar state of feeling down and depressed, and I won’t lie- I did indeed do a bit of wallowing. This time, however, after letting myself feel and acknowledge the bad feelings for a bit, I decided to actually use the skills I have spent the past year learning. I awoke on a Sunday morning and decided to spend that day figuring out where to go from here and how to get there. I did a fair bit of Pinterest scrolling, blog reading, googling, and brainstorming, to come up with a list of things I could do to hopefully break through the slump I was in- or at the very least keep my life together while the mood episode ran its course. I’m only on day four of working my way through the list, but so far so good, so I thought there was no better way to start off my blog than sharing a general list of ways that I have found to be helpful when trying to get through the rough patch you may be experiencing.

  • Start a Blog: to lead with the obvious, starting a blog can be a great way to organize all of the thoughts you have swirling around inside of your head. It also is a fun and creative way to try out a new hobby, and hey, maybe someone can relate to the things you want to write about.
  • Zen Your Room: by this I mean to do to your room what you would like to do to your life. Need a change? Redecorate or rearrange! Need some calm? Buy some candles and some fairy lights to hang up! Need organization and order? Take everything out of your closet and dresser and find tips on Pinterest for putting things away in a neater and more organized way-trust me on this one.
  • Make a Physical Change: this does not-I repeat does not- mean altering your body via a trendy diet, as (again will go into in the future) can be some blurry territory. What I mean instead is to get your nails done, try out a new haircut, put a streak of purple in your hair, buy a new outfit, switch up your hair/skin/nail products.
  • GET OUT!!! : if nothing else, do this one. Get out of your house, get outside, even just get out of the bed you have been in for three days straight. Get up, get dressed, brush your teeth, and go put yourself in a different location. Seriously. And do it as often as you can.
  • Make a Vision Board: another item that Pinterest does a rock solid job of helping with. When you’re in a very down state it can be extremely hard to actually follow through with much of anything. A vision board will come in handy because you can add a lot of hope to your life and current situation by just simply letting yourself imagine the places you want to go and the things you want to do and putting that onto a physical space that you can look at and find joy.
    • My personal vision board is a cork board ($10 from target) collage of pictures (just printed out from home) of places I would like to someday go to, pictures of old friends and myself, poems and quotes that are hopeful, and encouraging notes friends have given me.

So there you have it folks! My first blog post and a list of a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Pinterest and Google are your friends here. Make yourself an achievable to-do list and give yourself time to work through it. I made my list four days ago and just now have gotten around to writing this. It will take time.

Feel free to comment or send me an email if you wanna share some of your own ideas for slump-killing things to do.






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